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About Us

X-quisit Scholars Foundation was born many years ago in the 1980s while traveling from Philadelphia through the North Carolina counties.  Who would have thought while traveling and glazing at the license plates on the cars that this magnificent idea and name of excellence would create a company called, “X-QUISIT.”  This name followed me through life and has made me live up to its standards.  The word “X-QUISIT” means to me “The Best”.  It took years of searching for my niche in life then I finally found my purpose.  After a great discussion with one of my student’s the name “X-quisit Scholars Scholarship” was created out of the X-quisit Scholars Foundation.

Our Founder

My name is Mildred Wilson. I was born in West Philadelphia, which in the 1950s, it was called “the Bottom”.  In West Philadelphia you knew your neighbors and your neighbors watched over you, protected you just as if they were your family.  I grew up in a community that was also called a village. No one went hungry and you always had a support group, which were your family and neighbors.  Some of my friends went to Public School and some of my friends like myself went to Catholic School, but at the end of the day, we were family.  In my younger years in school, I didn’t push myself academically to achieve higher grade scores in school, but had the ability to do so.  I wanted to play and have fun like most young kids. It wasn’t until I graduated from high school that I realized I had made a mistake by not being fully engaged academically.  I didn't prepare for college or for my future. Life as a young adult had bigger challenges and I had to push harder to achieve the American Dream.  


Here I am now, giving insight to young students who have the ability to achieve academically higher grade scores, but just want to have fun as I did. X-quisit Scholars Scholarship will make an impact on a student’s life.  Our program will break through mental barriers and transform those unwanted ideas from “I can’t or I don’t want to do better” to “I CAN and I WANT to do better and be all that I can be.”

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We believe all children can embrace who they are,

define their futures, and change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We are driven by a passionate belief that our responsibility is to help and care for all children. The volunteers in our company are held at the same standards as its name "X-quisit." We focus on low-income families whose children are starting in the 6th grade and are struggling academically in school.  We strive to motivate and support students by giving them the tools to excel in school becoming strong and confident achievers.

School Supply

Our Vision

We are a blessing as well as a tool to elavate our children.  Our scholarship provides essential assistance, in terms of mentoring, school clothing for young students, and school supplies in the surrounding Philadelphia and Delaware Counties.

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