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Scholarship Program

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The X-quisit Scholars Scholarship aims to promote the development of young students to reach their full intellectual, social and spiritual potentials as individuals. XSS will bring on awareness to the students that their lives matter and that they are responsible citizens in the community. One of XSS's methods to accomplish our aim is by providing an attractive scheme of financial support to young students who are attending school at the 6th-grade level. XSS supplies the student’s school clothing and the necessary school essentials to stimulate self-confidence, commitment, a sense of belonging, and peer awareness to alleviate peer pressure.

Even though our scholarship is awarded to a 6th-grade student for that year, it can continue through to their 8th-grade level. It depends on the student's commitment to achieving a higher grade level by the end of each year. 

Please note: Scholarship applications will be made available at attending school.



We offer a scholarship for students who live in a low-income households. Our scholarship is awarded to 6th-grade students whose grade point average is a “C” academically.


If the student’s grade point average improves to a “B” or “A” at the end of their school year, then the scholarship will continue into the following year (7th grade).


If the student’s grade point average remains a “B” or “A” during the 7th grade, then the scholarship will continue into the following year (8th grade).


Our scholarship provides a personalized shopping experience at the beginning of the school year for the student's school wardrobe (shirts, pants, blouses, skirts & shoes/sneakers). As well as, school supplies (pens, pencils, loose-leaf paper, binders, school bag, etc.)


We also offer a mentor program with local sponsors “Big Brothers,

Big Sisters, Barber Shops, Hair Salons, Boxing and Basketball.”

Our mentoring program will stay with the students throughout the entire year.

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